Governing Council

This year has gone quickly again, it only seem like last week the children lined up for a new school year. Early in the year I managed to get to most school events. One that sticks in my mind was the Sports Day at Port Broughton. It was fantastic to see a lot of parents there supporting and cheering on their children and the way the children went about their sport with competiveness and sportsmanship makes any parent proud.

We had our Splash Day at the pool, another great day had by the students and parents. We have had visits from both our State and Federal ministers which does not happen very often, but was good to see. And of course the Anzac Day Ceremony was and always is a special day that brings not only our school together but the community, and to win a state award! Everyone should be so proud and a big congratulations to Greg King for making that happen.

It is very pleasing from a Governing Council perspective to see our children go on camps and excursions which they thoroughly enjoyed and I thank teachers and parents that went along. It gives our children real opportunities for all sorts of different learning and to see just what is out there. To everyone involved in SAPSASA, it’s great to see representation of our school.

At Governing Council we discuss these events pre & post and it is so pleasing to hear good feedback, eg children in school uniform, well behaved, pride in themselves and their school, good sportsmanship and listening to instructions. To me this reflects on the teachers and staff at Snowtown Primary School. Well done to all!

A significant project this year was the sub surface water project for our school oval. The project is now complete. We will have a lush green oval and will not have to worry about water restrictions, another tremendous asset for our school. I would like to thank the Progress Association, The Lend a Hand Foundation and Trust Power for their generous support for this project. Also thank you to Paul McCormack and Mike Stone and the CMC Water Project Committee for their ongoing support of the school.

Our Community Swimming Pool ran into trouble and needs major repairs, fortunately with the help of the Local Member, Geoff Brock, and a persistent Principal we were able to secure major funding to repair the pool which means it will give it a life span of a least another 10 years. Thank you to our Pool Committee for all their hard work.

This year we welcomed Jemma Michael to the Governing Council Committee. Together with the committee members, Bernie Altmann, Katrina Ebsary, Kelly Freebairn, Rebecca Jamieson (Teacher Rep) Kerry Warner and Principal, Fione Love. I would like to thank you all for your hard work, input and decision making you have done for our school in 2014.

It has again been a very busy year. Well done to teachers and staff and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year..

John Cummins
Governing Council Chairperson

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Kids Matter

Mental health and wellbeing are very important for children’s learning and development. Children who are mentally healthy learn better, benefit from life experiences and have stronger relationships with their families, friends and school staff. KidsMatter helps schools to support children’s mental health and wellbeing by bringing together the important people in a child’s life: their family, their school and the wider school community. The program aims to develop a positive school community and culture where support for children’s mental health is promoted and involves the whole school community.

The KidsMatter program is made up of four components. This year we have worked hard to achieve component 1 of the program which is developing a positive school community. This component helps schools to focus on building a positive school community where children, families and school staff feel like they belong, have a voice and can contribute to the school. It is not only children who benefit from KidsMatter but also the whole school community.

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